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June 30, 2012


Penn also allegedly defecated on the woman's bed.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who notes that this is the same city where this happened)


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I wonder if this is connect to the fact that while I know many people who moved from North Dakota, I know no one who has ever moved TO North Dakota of their own free will.

Flowers and candy usually do it for me.

Be careful Max. Keep talking like that and you'll have a North Dakota sewage lift station named after you.

Teller had no comment.

Max, People are moving to North Dakota, albeit temporarily, because of the oil boom -- other end of the state from Fargo-Moorhead though.

Anybody remember the scene like this (told, not shown) in WHERE'S POPPA?

*turns up air conditioning on geezer bus*

Moorhead isn't in North Dakota -- yet. The Red River may change that.

Michael? I was thinking Sean!

Everything west of Detroit Lakes is honorary North Dakota and Moorhead is one of the 'boroughs' of Fargo. And I did say that people who have any choice in the matter do not move to North Dakota, that doesn't exclude people being forced to move there.

Scat, you pest! Scat!

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