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June 28, 2012


The Mother of All Potholes.

(Thankls to WVPlantman)

This blog has ridden the roads of Costa Rica, which are basically networks of potholes loosely connected by roadway.


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did i win?

wait: who is madonna?

Whoohoo! I got posted and "thankled" and it didn't even hurt.

I wanna get thankled. By the ankles.

"Baileys to temporarily move traffic."
Oh; Bailey Bridges, not shots of Bailey's.
Cancel my trip.

Minnesota welcomes Costa Rica with open arms to the ranks of pothole achievers.

Easier to just pour a foundation and put up a government building in the middle of the road. Bureaucrats make natural roadblocks.

I was with a group that crossed a rickety bridge across the Rio Tarcoles in Costa Rica. About a year later, it collapsed when a bus tried to cross it.

That would not count as a pot hole in New York City.

Bailey Bridge is falling down, falling down.

Come on, sing along!

"Come on, soldier! Pound it! Didn't you ever build a Bailey Bridge before?"
"No, Sir."
"Neither did I!"

Elliot Gould (?) A Bridge Too Far

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