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June 09, 2012


Donny Osmond poster found inserted inside fan

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who says, "A little bit rock and roll.")


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Here I was hoping it as an electric fan.

"as" = "was"

If it were Ken Osmond, He would have signed his poster 'The Beaver' before complementing the fan on her hairdo.

I'll reserve judgement on this until I've heard all the profound things the usual Sunday morning talking heads have to say about it.

I didn't even know Donny Osmond still had fans.

"Inserted" implies volition. The poster might have got in there entirely by accident.

Not exactly hand-in-glove.....

Good Lord, that's what Donny Osmond looks like now?

O tempora o mores!

Gerbils not good enough, huh?

At least it was a female fan.

The last thing I ever wanted was an Osmond innuendo...

Poster of Public Enema #1.

No, it's Pubic Enema No. 1.

And Donny has never looked better.

Now, now, instead of being snarky, let's take a minute to remember their many hits.
The Osmonds were singers, right?
Are singers?

Oh,come on, surely you remember "A Little Bit Country; A Little Bit Rock and Roll"?

Omni's "O tempora o mores! reminds me of how I remember what the Latin tag means (which is something like "how times have changed").

A young boy's teacher, trying to explain the phrase, asked him, "Didn't your granny ever throw up her arms and exclaim, 'O tempora o mores!'?"

He replied, "My granny runs a gas station in Alaska."

Whereupon his teacher threw up her arms and exclaimed, "O tempora o mores!"

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