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June 29, 2012


Ginsu Knife Pitch Co-Creator, Barry Becher, Dies

(Thanks to jon harris)


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One story included the line that Ginsu was a word they created that meant "I'll never have to work hard again"

He created an art form

not as famous as the 'Slap Chop' guy,
he had his own Chop Schtick

In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife!

He was a special kind of businessman, all right. No argument there.

As for those damn knives, the BandAid corporation owes him a huge vote of thanks.

Has anyone actually used the knives? Do they actually do all that stuff. I figured no, and didn't spend the money. But I've always been curious.

But, wait! There's more!

The family is thinking about putting that on his grave marker -- BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

The funeral home gave him a second coffin and a matching set of urns!

I have Ginsu knives I purchased 25 years ago. They're still sharp and I use them all the time.

" Isn't that amazing...?! "

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