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June 09, 2012


Swanky UK retailer's new ads show models wetting themselves

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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That was a misprint. Shoulda read "Skanky."

The really high-class brands cause models to soil themselves.

Try to contain your excitement.

And it's not just a little bit, either. Gawd.

Betsy grew up and became a model.

Is this why there are suddenly dozens of ads for
cathaters? How did were ever survive the 40's, 50', 60's, 70's, 80's,90's and up to 2010 without them?

So excitement = urine?

Sounds to me like a bladder crisis.
I suppose marriage vows will have to be rewritten
now: for bladder or worse.

So are the blog's headlines now going to start saying "Stay swanky" instead of "Stay classy?"

Of course Harvey Nichols is classy - it's her favorite store.

I wonder if they sell pee-stain proof clothing? What about furniture? A stain-proof couch would sell well given the problems the locals have with containing their excitement. Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode about the pee-stained couch?

Contain your excrement (at least that's what I thought at first). Generation Pee. The wet look is back (from when they were 6 months old). Hipster Huggies are in order.

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