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June 10, 2012


For the next week, this blog will be aboard a cruise ship, drinking and eating in mass quantities exploring the uncharted, souvenir-infested waters of the Caribbean. There is internet access on the ship (we're sailing on The Ginormous Floating Thing of the Seas) but it costs roughly one year of college tuition per minute, so we will be using it sparingly. Therefore blogging from us will be sporadic. Judi says she will try to pick up some of the slack, but she is always saying things.


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Have fun, Dave. Remember it is your sacred duty to Consume Mass Quantities.

Aren't there pirates 'n stuff ?

Just stuff...and stuff...and stuff...and stuff. I'm stuffed just thinking about it. Cap'n Luigi say, "The boat she be a littla top heavy, but we no gonna roll over thisa trip."

Eating in mass quantities? I guess this means we'll be seeing more of you when you get back. Bon Voyage!

Have a great time, Dave! In case you need some on-board, relaxing reading.

Don't anybody be fooled. This is just a diversionary tactic. Dave is really in NYC, collecting his nine Tony Awards.

Those aren't slacks Judi's picking up - they're kilts!

a caribean cruze during hurricane season....you do live dagerously. anchors aweigh!!

Seas, schmeas. He's at them Anthony award thingies, fer sure.

Sadly my husband won't let us cruise. Too many years in the military left him paranoid about cruise ships being the perfect place for terrorists to trial biological weapons. That said.....hope you have fun. :)

Enjoy your floating buffet!

Tom Cruise has a boat? Hey, my cousin's daughter wuz in a movie with him! (Not like THAT, you pervs! Crowd scene ... extra ... uncredited ... she's a KID fer cryin' out loud!)

Enjoy, but stay outta the lounge when he's jumpin' up and down on the sofa ...

Dave, if Mrs. Blog knew you were out cruisin......

Judi is picking up her slacks? At the dry cleaners?

If you eat as planned you will look like the Ginormous Floating Thing of the Seas.

Pirates are the easy part, just try to avoid the street hawkers who descend on you like locusts in the movie The Good Earth.

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