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May 18, 2012


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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My only suggestion would be to make the truck look like it was being used for driver's education.

With kids like this, our future is a brighter place.

Heck, all we ever did was put VW Bugs on the roof. And tp the courtyard.

Did that in college - welded an old panel van around a tree.

When vo-tech students go bad.

So proud. Gonna have to wear shades.

Alphabetical list Senior class...

Rocker, Jim
Rodman, Dennis
Ralston, Purina
Romney, Mitt

This is what we need, more schools that teach the students how to do things with their hands. Electrician, Welder, Plumber, Auto Mechanic, Machinist, Carpentry and the list goes on. Not everyone wants or needs to go to college, there are more good paying jobs out there where a college ed is useless.

I'm trying to convince my youngest that being an electrician is a really good career option. He wants to be an architect.

I'm so ashamed. I had hoped he would earn an honest living.

My wife wouldn't let me take an online welding course for some reason. What could possibly go wrong as I study in the kitchen?

I loved "BuddysMama"'s comment on the site: "You mean there isn't some indigent school official calling for the expulsion of the miscreants... "

Lady, any indigent school official is too busy worrying how to pay his bills to get up a head of steam about a student prank.

Might be an indignant official somewhere though - screaming, "Get that truck off my building, and STAY OFF MY LAWN!"

I'm curious as to their technique ... torch? Arc? Wire-feed? ... but also agreein' with wizKid65 a bit ... the "trades" are a fertile area for nicely remunerative employment ... HOWever ... the practitioners hafta go to "school" to learn the trade (the apprentice system is still alive, but changed a lot frum the Middle Ages) ... so, I consider that to be "college ed" ... vocational, yeah, but still "college" ...

Personally, if a kid asked me for advice on a career choice, I'd say either computers or HV&A/C ... people are ALWAYS gonna want (need?) to be warmer or cooler ... most folks I know in that line nowadays are ALWAYS overloaded with their next several months of jobs "waiting for them to show up" ...

gotta admire their iron will.

Solder On!

I fondly remember learning to weld in the back yard. I set the yard on fire several times. Now I just set my shirt on fire, mostly

To be a decent tradesman today does not require a college education, but it helps. You need to be able to understand complex building codes, instructions, plans, computer diagnostics, etc. My plumber calculates thermal efficiencies in his head, and my electrician has a business degree, which is why he's the boss. The days of the backyard mechanic are numbered.

Indeed, Ralph is correct. And once we start seriously regulating all the devices with software, it will only get worse.

You will need an engineering degree in order to do any sort of repairs.

Don't forget plumbing, when I worked for a plumbing supply company the joke was "when the economy goes in the sh&*er, we'll be selling the sh&*er." The are a few things almost everyone uses almost every day, and working with them is a good steady business.

Went to a snotty, upscale high school. We seniors came up our own prank, but we had the help actually do it.

Don't buy that truck. It accelerates like it's anchored down.

A good auto mechanic makes more than me most years.

Lets see an English major do that.

Ross, I was an English major, but I had to skip shop class, as I wasn't feeling too weld.

If the truck had a thermo-nuclear device in it, we'd have a whole years plotlinge for "24". Jack could take over the school and start shooting kids in their thighs only to discover a man named Dmitri had infiltrated the welding class and.........

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