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May 24, 2012


Posh gets sheep placenta facials.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Yep, it worked for the baby sheep, why not us. Look how young they looked when they were born.

O'er the lamb parts....

"Lancer said he only used placenta from New Zealand sheep in his facials because they had been 'untouched by the modern world'".

Is her mascara untouched by the modern world?

...and Sheep Placenta begat possum-liver enemas, and Possum-Liver Enemas opened for Toad the Wet Sprocket...

Sheep get posh facials.
Now that would be a news story.

If this is the way wealth is supposed to trickle down, I think I'll stay (relatively) poor.

Just . . . ewe.

Get that wool off your eyes? Can't you see this is a baaad idea. Someone is trying to fleece you!

I heard the Texas A&M Aggies just came up with a new use for sheep . . . Wool!

snork! at all y'all...

I want to be rich enough to throw money in a toilet.
I don't want to actually do it, just be rich enough.
And she's not that good looking.

But Steve, just imagine how she'd look withOUT the sheep placenta facials!

Didn't they open for Cyndi Lauper?

Back in my day, this is what we would call a fraternity prank.

Next you're gonna tell me they use guppies for pedicures.

dave's been using beavers for haircuts for years...

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