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May 29, 2012


Barak figured out several years ago that heavy king and corn snakes produce a relaxing kneading sensation.

(Thanks to The Perts)

In Other Snake-Related News: Boy Freaks Out Restaurant Patrons by Bringing in Rattlesnake

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Beer gives you a kneading sensation? What brand are you drinking, assuming you're drinking it?

Definitely not going to visit that place.

People pay money for that? I'd pay them to keep the snakes away from me. I had a guy come into the ER one night with a rattlesnake in a paper bag. The snake had bitten him a few minutes earlier and he brought it in so we could see what kind of snake it was. All he saw of me was my white uniform dress flapping in the breeze as I ran away from him, screaming. The ER doctor almost ran over me.

Oh, I guarantee that if you drink enough beer, you'll have a kneading sensation, Wiredog. Among other things. On another note entirely, passing mention was made in the article about rodent-eating carnivorous *plants,* but no further explanation was made. I sense a cover-up. Not to mention a good name for a rock band.

Plus we should send them to Washington. Toot sweet.

As I was letting the dogs out last night, I happened upon a 2 foot long Corn Snake on the steps. My wife came out to see it before it ambled off into a bush.
The dogs were, as usual, totally oblivious.

Beer gives me both a kneading and a giving sensation.

Forget the corn snakes, try a 15 ft Burmese python fresh from Florida. (note the aliteration). You won't knead those pesky littles guys after the powerful and prodigious pythons. (more alliteration)

I hear a Doors song in the background ...

Steve: Exactly how does a snake "amble"?

And what's the problem with carrying a rattlesnake around town? It's not illegal, he was holding it properly, and there are a lot more dangerous things 16 year-olds do, like driving. It should have not have been in the restaurant, but I'd worry more about dogs on the street -- they are responsible for far more mayhem. And get off my lawn or I'll sic my lizard on you.

After seeing this, I'm needing the sensation of another beer ...

Ralph, it glides off slowly, so as to give the impression that nothing is wrong and it recognizes no danger.
Sort of like Marshal Dillon ambling away from the lynch mob he had just stepped on.

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