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May 07, 2012


Texas Says It Is Legal To Kill Bigfoot

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Yeah, that's because the Chupacabra is the state mythical monster. Just jealous.

Here is the list of what it is NOT legal to hunt in Texas.

Good thing that doesn't apply to Florida.
I'm pretty sure I saw Bigfoot around the pool last week. He said he was from Greece but with all that back fur, I don't know...
And he smoked cigars in public. Another reason he might be a target.

When is Bigfoot hunting season?

I wear a women's size 11 shoe. Please remind me never to go to Texas.

What a coincidence, Minx - so do I! (Only at Rocky Horror parties, though...)

What will happen if Bigfoot stands his ground?

Just waiting for my invitation to the inaugural Austin Bigfoot Barbecue and Chile con Chupacabra Cook-Off.

ElfOdin ~ It depends: Is he wearing a hoodie?

Governor Perry is in hiding until the law is clarified in certain details. Dick Cheney is reportedly in good spirits. And France has surrendered.

I feel that way about all monster trucks.

Time to move in with my California cousins.

AND there's no bag limit!

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