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May 09, 2012


Poop Excavated from Old Latrines Finds New Life

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Don't tell the EPA. They're so crazy that even the low flow will be banned for green tech outhouses.

You can buy Milorganite at Lowes. The solid "leavings" of Milwaukee sewage.

Poop is (are?) soil "amendments" ... ?

They're CHANGING the soil? No ... they're "enhancing" it ... poor choice of nomenclatural designation by the so-called "reporter" ... who must've "mislocated" a thesaurus ...

I once heard a doctor, an M.D., a PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER and my ultimate boss, claim that raw sewage never hurt anyone. Parents should be unconcerned about their kids making mud pies in that septic tank outbreak.
This meant to me that even the smartest, best educated among us could be incredibly stupid.
This also explains politics.

There are several projects in Haiti doing much the same, albeit with a bit more urgency with cholera going around.

The Appropriate Technology folks have been looking at the safest, low cost and low technology solutions for a long time. Keeping waste from fouling the water supply is a key. A schmutzdecke isn’t just a fun word to use in polite company – it can be a part of a plan that cuts infant and child mortality by a lot, especially when combined with improved nutrition from food. Cue the song Arms of an Angel.

I wonder if anyone thought to make cultures of that material to rule out pathogens.

Cindy, estimated risk of bilharzia and hookworms? Go.

Oh, ____!

It's true... the old and disgusting may someday be resurrected and become popular once again, which means there's hope for " Xanadu ", Charlie Rangel and " Holms and Yoyo " .

If one could call this living.

Cindy, estimated risk of bilharzia and hookworms? Go.
Estimated risk of bil what? All I know is when I was a kid we lived in southeast Asia and they would come to our school every so often (if felt like twice a day) to give us all a cholera shot. Of course they called my name every single time they came. btw, cholera shots hurt. For days.

Megatons of human sewage are composted for use as fertilizer in the U.S., but not from privies; it's sludge from treatment plants that magically turns into something called "biosolids" after processing. Unfortunately, not all the processing is done right, and lots of toxins are dumped into sewers, including heavy metals. It's a controversial issue.

They are these 2 cm long flatworms that live in your portal veins and drink blood. Wanna see some pictures?

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