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May 31, 2012


Elderly man dances naked in Furstenberg Nature Area as women canoe past him

Name of police lieutenant we are not making fun of: Renee Bush

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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The original story, before they edited it after the comments, read:

"The man was described as white and clean-shaven..."

Way, way, WAY too much information!!

*SMACKS* the writer, Kyle Feldscher, for insinuating a 60 year old man is elderly. No pictures?

Lt. Renee Bush failed to mention if he had his bird in hand

Thanks, Cindy-- I'm a young 64.

I notice from the map that the scene of the crime is adjacent to Ruthven Wildlife Area, which I presume was named after former major league baseball pitcher Dick Ruthven. Apparently he's not adjusting to retirement very smoothly.

It said "between 60 and 80" cindy; I'm going with 79.

It also mentioned his lack of facial hair. Are we meant to infer something from this?

Why is he dancing ? He sold his Facebook stock the same day as the IPO.

I still like David Niven's comment about men who feel compelled to display their 'shortcomings.'

Coscolo: I remember that Oscar telecast!

Apparently he's a bissel michiganah.

Obviously the women were concerned they would be attacked with a dead weapon.

Sometimes, it's best to just let the wrinkles air out.

I blame this all on the disco movement.

ligirl, better in his hand than her .... nemmine.

Note that our naked loonies dance around in the shrubbery, not down the middle of the street. I am preparing a grant proposal to study this difference in behavior between Michigan and Florida.

I blame global warming.

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