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May 30, 2012


Thespian hamster plays dead

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who saw Thespian Hamster open for the Beach Boys)


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Send this hamster to Hollywood! Too cute. Speaking of the Beach Boys, I heard a nasty rumor that the RBR's are disbanding this summer. I really hope this isn't true. I'm sure there's a gold record inside you guys somewhere.

does the blog need a mascot?

What a ham!

Also, that hamster looks terrified.

Next role: Hamlet.

I once had a hamster that played dead. Very convincing. After a few days, he even started to stink.

And the Academy Award goes to ...

George Clooney loses to a rodent again.

BTW, how do they know it's female?

Will it die at the end of all its movies, like Robert Redford ?

I don't think the hamster's sexual orientation even needs to be mentioned.

Huh? What?

Soon to be a major Faux TV show! Maybe "Mouse MD" kinda like House but with better acting?

That's certainly better acting than I've seen on Saturday night Syfy.
Better writing, too.

"You put Basil in the ratatouille!?!!"

Ok, geezers, identify that line.

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