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May 02, 2012


Paintball firm offers human fox hunting

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm gonna take you home
I won't do you no harm, no
You've got to be all mine, all mine

From the Who's Paintball Wizard.

I think I just figured out how Newt Gingrich can retire his campaign debt.

More of that weird "English" spelling ...

" ... paintball gun totting 'hunters' ... "

Whuzzat mean?

Good idea. Get those people who sit around all day shooting at Zombies and trolls on their XBOX outside for a little fresh air.

Is it wrong that I have an urge to shoot the person dressed up as a fox? With a paintball gun, of course.

True fact: Hundreds of Brit fox hunting aficionados rioted -- you heard right, rioted -- when this ban went into effect.

Silly me, I thought they were referring to Megan Fox but no. Hunting some poor slob in a cheesy fox costume, where's that get fun?

Is this practice for hunting ManBearPig?


I forecast trouble for the Furry convention scheduled for the hotel next to the range.

Now if they had squirrel costumes...

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