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May 31, 2012


Ex-Microsoft staffers create algorithm to find the perfect bra

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That just gives the day a lift.

Someone alert the Nobel lingerie committee.

Now the spammers are doing Yoda?

As a tech person who sometimes provides user help, in my professional opinion this requires hands-on support...

When you find the perfect gift, even the wrapping paper looks good.

How many blog guys would like to be "bra fitters"?

What, spend all day dealing with women who insist you don't know how to read a tape measure, they really are a size 6, and that your hands are too cold? Being a bra fitter is taking something beautiful and ruining it by injecting reality.

Is anyone just a bit concerned about bra fitting algorithms designed by ex-Microsoft staffers? What could go wrong?

Omni: Good point. I'm sure women across the country will soon be downloading security fixes for the Lift and Separate virus.

Omni, "bra strap of death"?

Omni, she'll shut down when you push her start button.

This is why the economy isn't improving; the jobs humans used to do are being taken over by machines. Is there a federal program for retraining diesel fitters?

Do the bras make that Windows sound when they are unhooked?

And does Bill Gates get to peek?

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