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May 29, 2012


A man from southern Israel divorced his wife this week because she had brought 550 cats into their home.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Pussy Galore.


Good one, Mikey.

Their bed is a litter box. Nice.

Well, yeah. Cat crap fever.

That had to of smelled real good.

They now live on Ammonia Avenue.

I've seen happier - looking cats ... divorce is always hardest on the children.

He should just chop up her shoes, that'll get her to move out.

I believe grievances are often exaggerated in divorce contests-- there were probably ONLY a couple hundred cats.

Hef's got her beat.

Sounds like a CATastrophe. Get it ???? Did I spell it right ?????

Good one LeDud.
He should just chop up her shoes, that'll get her to move out.
Would everyone please look the other way for a few minutes while I deal with Padraig? I don't want any witnesses.

The man's such a quitter. My wife brought two human babies into the house back in the '70s, but did I bail? No sirree.

The phrase "southern Israel" somehow strikes me as funny. I suppose any country not completely two-dimensional must have a north and a south, but still ...

Oy, y'all.

I wonder if it had only been 549 cats.......

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