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May 29, 2012


Elderly couple credits matching outfits for successful marriage


(Thanks to The Perts)


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Awwww, how sweet! I hope they have many more happy years together.

holy moley. i think i would have to ... hope i dont ever meet them.

He's whipped. That's all.
I've never worn anything that matches what my wife wears.
Sometimes, I don't even match myself.
Those days, she walks by herself.

So whatever goofy outfit one wears the other also has to wear. Brilliant, they've discovered how to prevent cheating.

It's sweet, Cindy, but it would be a lot sweeter if I were colorblind.

I wonder how often they wear the black miniskirt and fishnet tights outfits.

Aw, I agree with cindy, it's kind of cute. I wouldn't do it in a million years, but more power to them.

But they dress up every day?

Isn't that cute. I have waited on an elderly couple that does the same thing by wearing matching outfits.

I see by your outfit....

This would never werk for MB(RH?) and Moi Ownself ... she very rarely wears camouflage ...

My spouse and I usually dress in opposite ends of the house - and often I discover that I've chosen the same color shirt, even the same T-Shirt pattern when we get together.

You just get on the same wavelength after so many years of marriage.

That being said, neither of us possesses a shirt of such a... hmmm, brilliant pattern.

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