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May 29, 2012



(Thanks to jon harris)


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The Cumulonimbus Pork Butts WBAGNFAMariachiB!

Target is on the list? I guess this means I'm going to have to stop looking at their website. Surprisingly 'booger' is not on the list.

The attack was initiated by a suspicious device exposing the Tamiflu failure in Sonora, which confirmed that the butt-pirates were flooded out in their attempted cyber attack.
Did I cover all the bases?
Who's that at the door?

Mrs. Jones? Yes, it's the DHS calling. We have your boy down here at the station on a pork cloud charge.

What? Well, we'd have just given him a warning, but he said "naked chimichanga," too.

Does the Dept of Homeland Security frequently turn themselves in since homeland security is on the list?

And what about Snooki? How did THAT not make it on the list?!?!

The Apocalypse is absolutely upon us, when the scaremongers would attempt to halt everyday conversations that contain many of these words ...

Uh oh. I can't even type the name of my city or the name of the one on the other side of the bo..., uh, line that goes between my country and the one next door!

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