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May 31, 2012


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from bringing you Last Night's Key Pitching Matchup.

(Thanks to Jack Fizpatrick, who says he is "looking for hard and penetrating analysis from the beat reporters.")


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And Chad Tracy (groin) will undergo surgery

*snork* at Wang v. Johnson

"'Scuse me while I whip this out."

Incidentally, Johnson beat Wang.

I saw part of this game and didn't notice the key significance of what I was watching.

I should turn in my blog pass.

they made that up. it was probly woodie v.dickerson.

"Wang & Johnson are similar in that they both like to keep it inside and tight..."

Johnson is known for the high hard one

Perhaps we're being disrespectful to the Great American Pastime. Then again, this is the same sport that nicknamed 6'11" pitcher Randy Johnson "The Big Unit." T-shirts and everything.

This is so completely beneath the dignity of this blog. Such immature behavior over a couple of names is...phbhtttphtt! Sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face. Wang & Johnson!

Wow, all these years I have felt so sorry for "Randy Johnson", first, because that would make a terrific name for a porn actor, and, second, because he obviously could not win a part in an adult movie if everyone was calling him The Big Eunuch.

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