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May 29, 2012


Take action.

052912Taco Bell Hit and Skip RAW_aEx4J

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Seems like a reasonable reaction. Was it a Mexican Pork Cloud taco?

My sister-in-law lives in Huber Heights. I'm so proud. I suppose Nancy might have had something to do with this, but if so, she kept her participation so low-key that the newspaper article didn't mention her. I guess that makes me even prouder.

Those tacos must either be very good or very expensive.

Most important question: was his girlfriend impressed?

I believe nursecindy almost did this to a McDonald's patron clogging the drive-thru lane last night.

NTTAWWT, of course.

"A taco missing from your order?" I thought that was a euphemism, like "one french fry short of a happy meal."

I'm with Joe Pesci on the whole drive-thru thing, by the way:

Leo Getz: They F*CK YOU at the drive-thru, okay? They F*CK YOU at the drive-thru! They know you're gonna be miles away before you find out you got f*cked! They know you're not gonna turn around and go back, they don't care. So who gets f*cked? Ol' Leo Getz! Okay, sure! I don't give a f*ck! I'm not eating this tuna, okay?

I'm guessin' that his Mommy taught him his manners and helped develop his sense of entitlement ... or mebbe algore did ...

Jeff - where does that Joe P. rant come from? I ask because, no fooling, there's a COPS episode in which a (presumably) real guy gets pulled over for speeding. He's upset about a food order being wrong. The officer warns him about the perils of drive-throughs, saying almost exactly that, about "they know you're going to be far away, etc."

But he doesn't credit anybody. Isn't plagiarism while on duty something officers are supposed to avoid?

I think it's from Lethal Weapon 4, Omni - I vaguely remember Joe Pesci's character in that movie as always going on about how "they f*ck you" with this and that.

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