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May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day. In return for all you've done, for all those years, you get... brunch!


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How come there's no Crabby Teenager's Day?

But HMD, blog moms!

Amen, Dave.

Happy Mothers Day, all.

Ditto. Thanks moms for all you do.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom-Blogits!

And to warm your heart, here's my favorite new mom feeding her triplets:


HMD to all gentlewomen of the underblog.

" Brunch " really means: " our undying love, admiration and gratitude. "

On behalf of blogmoms everywhere, thank you. (And you know we love you all EXACTLY the same.)

Every Mothers' Day, I allus recall the billboard I saw once in M/SP ... well, other times too, but allus on this day (along with other stuff about Ma & Them Others, of course) ...

I fergit the name of the store ... department or "ladies clothes & accessories" ... whutever ...

The billboard:

C'mon, all you Mothers!


That is so true Betsy. We also believe that you all are "special" in your own little way. Thank you for the brunch. You are cleaning off the table for us aren't you.

NC...The high point of my "dinner out" with the offspring and grands last night was when I tried to take out my credit card to pay for it, and was beaten severely with baguettes by both son and daughter.

Thnak you for the good wishes.
I had a fun day as well!!

I am fussy today. My 18 year old is on his senior trip. To Chicago. Over Mother's Day. To CHICAGO. What teenager wants to go to Chicago anyway?

They are having some big concerts or soimething in Chi-town this weekend. Had a friend go to it.

Chi-town is like a smaller more managable version of'
New York. What's not to like? South side might be a tad dangerous at times, but so is Harlem and Wall Street.

Belated happy MD to all you mothers. I've been lucky enough not to have offspring to torture (or vice versa). On the down side, I don't have slaves to take care of me in my dotage. I'm kinda looking forward to the home, if I make it that far. I hear Cocoon was filmed right here in St. Pete -- now if I can only find that pool ...

I got a Wii for Mother's Day. My kids know I love to play games so I'm pretty happy. They were also happy until I beat them all in bowling.

Thanks Mom, for feeding my lima beans.

Now how about an Angry Divorced Father's Day.

ubetcha...I'm headin' for the home* this summer, totally to shield the Slaves, as much as possible, from my dotage.

*actually the real "home" comes at the end - I'm goin' into the Independent Active Whoopie-Makin' Pool-Swimmin' Dorm-Redux wing; and planning to stay there quite a while, thankyouverymuch

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