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May 31, 2012


Authorities say a 28-year-old man in upstate New York has been charged with driving his motorcycle at nearly 200 mph on a highway in the rain.

(Thanks to James in NC)


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In Illinois, he would be going south in the northbound lanes.

Paging the Darwin Selection Service, we have an urgent pickup for you...

Wrong time of the year for New Yorkers to be hurrying south.

if it hadnt been raining, he might have slowed down. nah. prolly not.

I would think that even rain droplets hitting you at 193 mph might leave a mark. A bird flying by or a stone thrown up by a vehicle, would possibly kill you.
A deer? I'm flying! I'm flying!
Uh oh.

He has an excellent chance of becoming a greasy spot on the road in the near future. Moron.

'zactly, my dear nursecindy, this is a self correcting problem. 'cept the rest of us have to clean up later.

Only 14 citations? Seems mild.

Anyone else find it ironic that he was heading for a hospital?

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