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May 31, 2012


Scarf-wearing pig spotted by Pittsburgh motorists

(Thanks to The Perts, Jeff Meyerson and queensbee)


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I saw Scarf-Wearing Pig open for The Bee Gees.

Spammers out early...

That said, I fear the lawlessness of Flathead is spreading East.

This idiot spammer reminds me of the steroid case in that Planet Fitness commercial, who just keeps repeating, "I pick things up and put things down."

i think i sent this in too. but i would have liked a pic of the pig n scarf.

oink oink, queensbee.

Both in the caption and the article, the writer was at some pains to let us know that the Police were unable to explain why the pig was wearing a scarf. What good are they, if they can't answer a simple question like that?

Spotted scarf-wearing pigs are even rarer than the unspotted variety.

was that THE pig jeff, or just a picture of a pig in a scarf? inquiring minds want to know, and well, i do eats pork. but none with a scarf.
and thankee dave.

" Curse you, Red Boar-on ! "

When captured, it will be used for pig in a blanket.

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