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May 30, 2012


Side Cleavage.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Yes to side cleveage.

"Dresses that display both front and side cleavage have missed the point. "

A couple of points, actually.

Side, top, bottom, overhead, doesn't matter, all cleavage is good. I am curious though. If viewed from the side, what exactly is being cleaved?

Less coverage, please.

" My eyes are up here, and over here... "

And, of course, it should go without saying that this trend has this blog's full support.

Nice, now try bending to the side and hop and bang your head a couple of times, like when you're trying to clear the water out of your ear. That's right, now clear the other ear...

This trend is new like little black dresses are new.

It must be a slow news day...

No offense blog guys but, I don't think I'm ready to see your side cleavage.

Nursecindy, male side cleavage includes beer bellies, so there's that.

No no no! This is Side Cleavage (I hope!)

I wish I still had my VCR rewinder for this one!

Calm down PirateBoy.

Not possible, NC, I've got it on tape!

I thought cleavage was the process of visiting Cleveland? Must not be, because nobody there looks like that.

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