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May 01, 2012


Members of a Russian Orthodox organization used holy water to disperse dozens of protesters supporting jailed punk band Pussy Riot in downtown Moscow.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Maybe they thought the protestors were zombies or demons. Have you seen the band in question? It's an easy mistake to make.

We saw Pussy Riot open for the Stray Cats.

Noteworthy. Brittney Spears is a former member.

I think they'd be a great opener for the Remainders.

My MIL demanded to know why I wouldn't go to her church, so I told her I didn't like it when the smoke came out of my ears.
She's never quite sure when I'm joking.
In this case, neither am I.

Or maybe not.

Pussy Riot - Punk Prayer.

Oy vey.


I'm home early for once, happily set up my dinner on the TV table in front of the TV in anticipation of Jeopardy! And, lo and behold. A bunch of BS.

"I'll take YADA YADA YADA for 600, Alex."

You may now return to your regular Blog.

Weren't they double-billed with Horny Jesus at Coachella last year?

One of the comments relates this to the role of the state in society, and sets forth an Arisotelean framework for the argument. Russia still hasn't caught up with us in sheer, umm....

never mind. Britney Spears? Really?

Splashes Betsy with Holy Water.

*Holy Water sizzles and evaporates in a cloud of steam and brimstone*

Reverend Phelps?

This reminds me of the punch line to an old joke:

"Oy, vey, Bubbula, have you ever got the wrong vampire."

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