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May 30, 2012


Stoner tries to pay for meal at Denny's with a bag of weed

(Thanks to funny man)


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Wasn't the pot worth more than the Denny's food?

How stoned was he?

There was a bbq joint in McLean VA several years ago (it's a fancy French place now) where you could pay for your pulled pork platter with herbal products.

That was smart. He must of been stoned out of his mind.

I've heard (cough, cough) that some herbs do make a killer spaghetti sauce seasoning. Dinner stays with you for hours.
Does Denny's sell spaghetti? Or chili?
Shoot, do they have a smoking section?

My boss used to live in McLean, but she never told me about that BBQ place. And I specifically requested that kind of intel, too. I feel betrayed.

Maui Wowie Fresh and ???? special. (and not much that rhymes with 'orange' makes sense either)

It was on Chain Bridge Road in the Langley Shopping Center. Right next to the Russian Gourmet.

Dummy. He should know this only works at the drive-thru.

I've been to that joint. Down the street from the CIA. The smoked pork BBQ sandwich had a funny taste, but it tasted better and better with each bite and I wondered why I ended up eating three.

Weed over my hammy.

No one appreciates the barter system anymore...

Would you like rolling papers with that?

Wow. I've lived a couple miles away from there for almost 20 years, and I never knew that. Or even ate there, that I can remember.

Weeds instead of cash (or credit)?

Heck ... I kill thousands of weeds every day @ werk ... I've been destroying a FORTUNE!

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