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May 29, 2012


Garbage truck lands on Saturn

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Saturn will be a great base for repelling the Klingon invasion of Uranus.

I'd like to apologized for that last joke to all the mature and tasteful contributors to this blog, as soon as we get some.

I forgive you padraig.
This sounds like a job for Captain Tidy and his faithful sidekick, Neatness Man. Loved the article in the newsletter today, Dave. If the rest of you haven't read it you should. Besides being incredibly funny, it has a picture of Dave in red tights.

There's a newsletter?

Of course there's a newsletter wiredog.
Here it is.

Going after the ones throwing cigarettes is fine.
But avoid those tossing salads.

There are Canadians on Saturn??

Who knew.....

Police believe garbage was involved.

NASA still has the right stuff.

I suspect the owner of the Saturn is celebrating (if he/she has insurance). Since Saturn is no longer in business, some of us Saturn owners really want to get rid of our cars. This guy can now buy something from a company that still exists.

My sister had a trash truck climb the front steps and enter through the front door wall of her townhouse a few years back.

Sounds as though your sister's "No soliciting" sign wasn't big enough. Or the truck couldn't read.

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