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April 16, 2012


Brides-to-be looking to shed that final 10, 15 or 20 pounds in order to fit into their dream wedding gown have taken a controversial approach to crash dieting that involves inserting a feeding tube into their noses for up to 10 days for a quick fix to rapid weight loss.

(Thanks to Bruce Webster)


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Sumwhut Oxymoronical quote: " ... with so much pressure on brides to be perfect ... "

Well, if it's "perfection" they want ...

Um ... nope ... best leave that thot alone in a dark corner, never to be seen again ...

Wonder what their divorce rate will be?

I saw that in the newspaper yesterday. I mean, WTFBBQ? All I can do is quote a friend: common sense is not so common.

stupit, stooopid, stupido. if something goes wrong, they get what they deserve. honestly.

A tip saving tip. Insert feeding tube in the hole left where the earlier silicon bathtub calk injection took place.

"time saving tip". Error attributed to blind ambition brain freeze.

Feeding tubes for the brain dead... what's new about this?

And their CAT scan shows no normal brain activity.

All I can think of are the first words my mother said after having her feeding tube removed:
Of course, she was dying, not getting married.
Six of one....

Guys, is it really dumber than liposuction or plastic surgery? This is just the next logical step. We lost all semblance of reason long ago.

Elon, yes it is. I've been putting feeding tubes in people for years. Even when they didn't need or want one. Usually this is done when someone is either terminally ill or has lost their gag reflex and are aspirating their food which of course causes pneumonia. My mother and I were very close and went through nursing school together. The first time she took care of a stroke patient with a feeding tube she made me promise to never, ever allow anyone to insert a feeding tube in her no matter how ill she was at the time. A little over a year ago, when she was terminally ill, my family overruled me and decided to have one put in. She died about an hour before the procedure. I had already called in her doctor and told him to cancel because I knew she was not strong enough. I kept my promise. These morons do deserve what they get. Sorry this isn't funny. It's been a year and 3 weeks since my mom died and I'm missing her a lot today.

I had jaw surgery many years ago that caused my jaws to be wired shut for 10 weeks. I was in the ICU for many days, and during that time had a feeding tube. I was drugged to the hilt and don't remember much from the days in the ICU, but the one very vivid memory I have, is when the took that hideous feeding tube out. I can't imagine anyone doing this voluntarily.

That must have been fun going through nursing school together. Missing her means the love you share is still strong and intact. She is watching out for you. Take heart and comfort in her memory. All the best.

(((nurse c)))


Lots of hugs for you, today and every day.

Cindy, my mother had requested no tubes but the idiot doctors put one in before I got there and you know how that goes.
And I have comforted people who had to put their mothers in a nursing home when their mother had made them "promise" not to.
I've told my kids that, while I prefer no tubes and no life extension when I have no real life, that they are NOT to feel guilty if some doctor goes against their wishes. They are never to doubt themselves or each other if my time for a home comes.
I trust them enough to be tough when the time comes. They love me enough to let me go. But they have to do what is best for their families.
If I would not punish them for it, why should they doubt?
I had my time; now is theirs.

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