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April 30, 2012


Meet Claude the giant Tasmanian Crab.


(Thanks to Dave Roe)


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Insurance Mascot or Halloween costume?

Don't mess with a boiling pot of water when karma is involved.


Look out Red Lobster.

We're going to need more butter...


i've seen more crabs at the jersey shore

Sumhow I don't get the math part of this ... a 15-lb. crab will produce 20-lb. of meat?

Sounds like sumthin' P.T. Barnum would have on display ...

Also ... "interestin' quote": "'When I found out we were getting the crabs ... I was really excited."

O ... K ... not many real thrills in that person's life, eh?

When fully grown it will double in size and them have 20lb of meat. Mmmmm, pass the Old Bay.

Man, I don't want crabs that size in my pants.

I believe Dave would simply call that a spider.

ligirl, you mean ON "Jersey Shore", right?

I think they usually fuzz them out, though.

She better hope her crab isn't as agile as this one:


Mr. Crabs?

the photo of the small, black crab on Claude's back
prompted me to come up with two captions:

1) "Say hello to my little Friend" from Scarface

2) Sometimes you have a monkey on your back. Sometimes it's a little crab. Kids: don't do drugs.

Whoo. Can you IMAGINE having a couple of those in your undies?

I'm not really expert at reading the facial expressions of crustaceans, but offhand I'd say he looks like he's less than thrilled.

Maybe it's just me, but any crab with a girl's head attached to it is not to be messed with.

The Ragin' Crustacean has never looked better.

So that's Claude, eh? What's the crustacean's name?

Claude, you are vun ugly muzzer....

That's no crab...that's my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Gibson

He weighs 15 pounds and produces 20 pounds of meat? Impressive conjuring trick there. He's bigger on the inside!

I see another Roger Corman movie in our future. It will be loosely based on the radioactive explosion at the Fukushima reactor.

According to sources close to the production there will a poorly dubbed version featuring Japanese soldiers wearing white gloves and Mothra will make a cameo appearance as Gus, the friendly gas station attendant.

Interesting use of forced perspective. He's big, but not as big as the picture would lead you to believe. Just 15" across the carapace. I would guess the woman/girl is small for her size to make this look even more sensational.

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