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April 11, 2012


Woman gets naked in middle of airport for no apparent reason

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'm assuming she was on her way to Florida.

Guy blogs TMZ has shaded photos.

Linky thingy.

Dan's link.

Great job on finding those pictures so fast, Jeff and Dan. Men!

In many cases, men like a woman who is free and follows her impulses.
Many. Not all.
You know that dream that everyone has about being naked in public?
From now on, hers are going to be amazingly specific.

She may have thought she was about to board an airline that charges extra for clothes.

She was just following instructions. "Make up your mind. Do you want me to put my butt out or not?"

C'mon: Isn't that Richard Simmons?

Weird woman at the world's weirdest airport.

Soon a Travel channel special?

That reminds me... The " Girls of the Denver Airport " issue is due out next month.

Stripping was her way of protesting not being able to smoke. She got a ride to the mental ward instead of wherever she was planning to fly -- she had already made it through security.

Men are not the only ones with Peter Pan complexes, apparently. "I don' wanna grow up, I don' wanna go to school, I don' wanna keep my clothes on in public ..."

I think I saw this at the beginning of a HOUSE episode. I think the patient died, but House had lots of great jokes.

I knew the TSA radiation scanners made you appear naked. Perhaps she took them literally?

she was having a helluva hotflash

Hmmmmmmmmmm ... nobuddy ever did that when I wuz on Concourse B @ DIA ...

Um ... where wuz Writer Dude when this happened?

Why are most nudists people you really don't want to see naked?

TSA (Tit S'and Ass) frustration will do that to you.

I thought we all had to strip for ther TSA pat down.

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