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April 26, 2012


Have you ever bought a brand new cars only to forget where you put it? How about 300 of them? Probably not – unless you're Miami-Dade County, which was recently reunited with 298 vehicles it bought brand new between 2006 and 2007.

(Thanks to Tal E)


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One of my life's goals is to lose a Prius, but not to find it again.

P'haps this wuz merely an attempt to "bank" a huge carbon footprint ... help keep Miami warm(er), y'know?

Follow the money, folks.
This PriusGate story could be made into a movie.

Guilty or innocent, Ex-mayor Alvarez is now guilty.

I can see how you can lose those Priuseses, they're so stinkin' quiet.

I looked up the average cost of a new Prius in 2007 and it was $28,000. So 28,000 x 298= (carry the one) around 8.3 million dollars. Pocket change.

The brakes didn't work, as we all remember, and the accelerators stuck, so they just kept on keeping on. Easy to lose them that way.

Hey, with all the geezers (not Dave) in Miami why is this a surprise? Haven't well all misplaced our car keys at one time or another?

ANyone? Bueller?

Looking at one of the car pricing sites, they could pretty reliably get about $20K for each one -- potentially less since they would be artificially flooding the market with a particular year and condition.

Can't say if they would get a fleet rate on a popular model. If they sold as surplus the unused vehicles, the net loss would be about 140 teachers.

Considering the caliber of the elected, I'm sure they were safely parked at the short term lot at the
airport, which means $25 a day X 298 vehicles x 5 years or a bonus $13 million dollar parking bill.

Government. Inaction. Bozos.

Electric cars... Just think of all the energy they saved !

They were actually in Montpelier.

I now drive a Hyundai so small that it is lost behind anything much bigger than a postage stamp. So I can understand.
Good drive and great gas milage, but tiny.
I was in Gatlinburg last weekend and had very little trouble finding a parking space.

The caliber of the elected in FL seems to be about .25 ACP, far as I can tell.

I bought one for my wife and she's almost run me over twice - you can't hear it! If they were driven below 20 mph, you can't really blame them for the loss - who can keep track of a car they can't hear?

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