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April 30, 2012


Australian billionaire to build Titanic II

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I'm sure it'll be fine. Icebergs never strike twice, right?

Demand rivets made with substandard quality. Wait a sec -- that's SOP for China.

By 2016 they will have to build the iceberg, too.

I don't see any mention of the steerage passengers on the manifest ... merely sayin' ...

The onboard cinema will have 24x7 showings of "Ishtar."

it will have the latest in navigation and safety equipment

So they're also replicating the 1912 hype?

Because history, like lightning, never strikes twice, right?

Given the size of today's cruise ships, that's a rowboat.

Can we load it with politicians and lawyers for the maiden voyage?

OtU, steerage passengers man the oars. Ramming Speed!

It'll already be down under, so if it sinks, it will rise to the surface.

P.S. Is anyone else at least mildly concerned that he has invited the Chinese Navy to accompany him to New York?

Maybe they can get Leo and Kate to come back and steam up the windows of a Chevy Volt while Al Gore gives a " Save the Planet " speech.

Loudmouth, don't forget the Kardashians, the "Real" Housewives, and the cast of Jersey Shore.

I vaguely remember that First Class passengers shared a bathroom (for bathing), while all the Steerage passengers had two baths -- one for men and one for women. That should be a huge attraction for high-paying customers...

I was thinking have Leo and Kate recreate the movie scenes live, onboard the "maiden" voyage and solve two problems.....

So the backer is Australian, he looks like Donald Trump, and he's having it built in the PRC. Fantastic. Maybe they'll christen it with a bottle of water instead of champagne, just to seal in the bad luck / karma / juju / etc. Oh, and get that Italian cruise ship captain to take charge.

Loud' ... OK ... wuz thinkin' about the movie(s) and rememberin' that my grandparents (and their four older boys) came over (frum near Belfast) in steerage ... fortunately, that wuz about nine years before the Titanic wuz launched ...

World's largest Chinese junk


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