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April 27, 2012


Giant cannibal shrimp invasion growing

(Thanks to ScottMGS, Bill Hudgins, Larry from London, Dan Barr, David Emery and Tom Kopec, who saw them open for the Doobie Brothers)


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"They can be consumed by humans."

You damn betcha. I'm copying this to my local fishmonger, tagged for immediate action. Who's on top of the food chain around here, anyway?

I'm pretty sure that is an upcoming SyFy Channel Saturday night Movie of the Week.

I for one welcome our new crustacean overlords.

Folks just reminding you that "giant shrimp" is indeed an oxymoron, just like "intelligent government".

PS we miss Mr. Language Person, Dave.

I'm with Jeff M. I hope the promos are like that giant piranah movie. A boat of teenagers (surprisingly most are girls and wearing bikinis) ventures from shore....only to be attacked by 6 ft shrimps. Hmmmmmm ....there's something Freudian about that scene.

They don't know if there is a "breeding population" extant in Atlantic and Gulf waters?

Whut's it gonna take to convince 'em?

And ... movin' as far west as Texas, eh? I foresee a new sport for Texans ... "Hey, let's go shootin' shrimps! Bring the beer!"

So, the shrimp only eat giant cannibals? Talk about a restricted diet.

Red Lobster hostess: Donner party, your shrimp cocktail is ready.

Dear heathens, this is obviously the fixins for a giant Texas shrimp boil from God.

I'm in favor of consuming all invasive species, including Yankees.

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