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April 28, 2012


A Chicago-area man who allegedly was clocked driving 111 mph through a 45 mph forest preserve told a patrol officer he was in a hurry to “try to go have sex with a girl he liked.”

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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I figured his four hours was almost up.

...and so the Officer gave him a police escort.

Escort? I thought it was a Prelude, Punkin.

I heard it was a Ram

Sounds like an episode of To Catch a Predator.

Maybe someone at the jail will take care of that urge.

Not a (male) jury in the world would convict him.

I disagree Renee, note it wasn't to have sex but only "try to have sex." A man is only allowed to go twice the speed limit if it isn't a sure thing.

Client no. 9, at it again.

Well sure. If it had been a girl he didn't like, he would only have been doing 110.

I for one am shocked!

Only 0.2 grams of weed? Only?

He's lucky they didn't test him for (wait for it)


111 miles an hour in a '94 Prelude? He doesn't lack courage, at least.

That's funny.

Vaguely related: a soldier reported his wife would be having a baby, and requested emergency leave. When he returned, the sergeant asked if it was a boy or a girl. The answer: "I don't know. It takes nine months."

Har! Thanks, Ralph.

Hmm. I've heard...that pot can make you feel like you're driving really slowly when you might not be.

Apparently he should have ridden that "special" banana seat bicycle...

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