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April 05, 2012


A GP has claimed the promoted practice of men regularly checking for signs of testicular cancer has turned Britain's men into 'ball-watching neurotics.'

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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We saw Ball-watching Neurotics open for Leg on Fire.

Yeah, don't let the fear drive you nuts.

I say we just send the men for ballograms. Have them slide their balls into the machine and have them squeezed flat as a pancake so we can get a good image.

If men had to actually do this with their precious balls as women have to do with their breasts, I bet there'd be a new method of detection, don't you??

*Leaves THIS at Punkin's doorstep and runs away*

You mean that ALL THIS TIME I was checking for cancer?

Damn skippy, Meanie.

Punkin, why not put some plums in the machine and have them turn into plum wine? It's more fun and healthy than balls...but your point is well taken!

I think Punkin's ballogram idea is great!

Shame, NC. Fishin' for chocolate like that ......

I'm with YOU Punkin!

They ought to call it a Penogram machine.

Oh and when they squish your breasts, they say. Stand still and don't breath.

*high fives NC*

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... I see that my prior post wuz deleted ...

I'm gonna hafta do sum serious searchin' to locate that essay frum long ago, describin' the "medical procedure" y'all are discussin' ...

Despite the good doctor's opinion, I shall continue my routine self-exams. Routine meaning every 10 minutes.


You will go blind, ya know.

Sum guys will continue the "exams" merely "until they need glasses" ...

I sense much anger from the lady folks. Remember ..."Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred and hatred to suffering...". I'm sure there's a point in there somewhere.

"One doctor believes the medical advice is a load of balls."


I'm with punkin, nursecindy and mikeyVA. Every man should have an annual MAN-o-gram. Fair is fair.

Then we'd have to call them flaticles.

And this is newz, how?


Love the Cartoon!

We haven't even "touched" on the GYN exam where the doc roots around our nether regions as if looking for lost treasure.

"Testicles? Ballocks, more like." Hugh Laurie

Was anyone else disturbed by the model pulling her kiwis out of her panties only to reveal they weren't attached. Yikes. You have to wonder who crossed her and lost them.

Or maybe crushticles.

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