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April 18, 2012


Space Zucchini

(Thanks to Gregg in Austin)


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*refrains from uranus crack*

I saw the Space Zucchinis open for Jefferson Starship.

Sounds de-vine.

If the ex had been packing a pair of tongs, this would have ended differently

Pilots/passengers of any space shuttles or other vehicular stuff best watch with extra care, or they'll have the back seat and trunk fulla zucchini when they leave ... merely sayin' ...

No tax column this year?!

I hope the zucchini's name isn't HAL.

The story receives points for the good name for a band, Space Zucchini but minus several million for the very bad name for a band, Six Men and One Zucchini.

Unfair. I'll bet that damned zucchini didn't pay anything like $100K to get up there.

Dick Clark is dead.
Pardon me while I mourn the passing of a good, no, great part of my childhood.

Have you seen the zuccs tonight?
Would you like to go up on A deck and look at them with me?
Have you seen the zuccs tonight?
Would you like to go up on A deck and keep me company?

Major Zucchini Coming Home

American Bandstand was a little before my time but I've always loved him on the game shows and other things he did. I like to think he's now busy catching up with Elvis, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and some other great Rock and Roll icons that are no longer with us.

Always a class act, and that's whut we'd often do after school (if no sports practice and such), wuz rush home for the TV show ... IIRC, I saw Bobby Vee's first appearance on AB ... Bobby wuz the guy who "filled in" when Valens, Holly, & Richardson didn't make it frum Iowa to Fargo-Moorhead, and his career went on a perty decent run ... he's got relatives near where I went to HS (back home), and he'd visit 'em fairly often, so sum of the girls kinda got to see him once in a while ...

Dick wuz an icon ... with class and dignity ... and a nice voice ...

♪ I'm a Spaaace Zucchini
Bet you weren't ready for that! ♫

We found a ginormous zuccer in Aunt Maude's bedside table. She said it was for self-defense in case of a burglar, although you'd think she would choose her (always loaded) .357 magnum instead.

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