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April 27, 2012


A Las Vegas man who tried to sneak 115 oven-ready iguanas into the United States from Mexico has been sentenced to two years in prison for illegally importing the reptiles, authorities said on Thursday.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Yo quiero Taco Iguana!

Maybe it was a delivery from Jominos

Naw I think he worked for that pesky sandwich shop
Dimmy Hohns, because they always have something (nasty) for undiscriminating and rich humans....

I'll make my own Iguana ,,,no I won't..ewww!!!!

Iguana Helper anyone?

I thought iguanas fell out of trees in FL after a frost ? (Those ones are "freezer" ready)

Y'know, I haven't seen that Geico lizard since he went to Vegas...

Eliodoro Soria Fonseca
Was nabbed with a load of iguana
En route to Sin City
But, Oh, what a pity
He should have not left Tijuana

A lot of that "news item" seems to be quite Nanny-Stateish ... I mean ... "animal import" permits? They's NOT animals any more ... merely meat ... and NOT endangered, even by the "reporter's" own admission ... but ... them whut's got "regulatory" job descriptions like to justify their own existence, so they gotta pick on a small business person ...

(yeah, I know that "regulation" will keep the reptiles frum becomin' "endangered" ... but sumtimes the Gummint goes a bit overboard ... or so I've heard ...)

I for one give not a hoot if iguanas are endangered -- I'm a mammal bigot -- and if only the perp's friends and family consume 'em, I really don't care if he imports oven-ready lizards. It's the giant corporations importing mystery-food-like-substances from the people's radioactive republic of Elbonia and marketing 'em that concern me, and we do sort of need the gummint to regulate that. I mean, I suppose we could try doing it on a volunteer basis (my dog would love to help out,) but the results might be spotty.

Events ensuing could also tend to make one "spotty" if we din't have sum sorta standard (or regulatory agency) to keep this sorta thing at lease resonably sanitary ... merely mostly agreein' with y'all, Omni' ... but seldom pass up a chance @ chastisin' Big Brother ...

The case of plastic microwave trays gave him away.

I'm just amused at the thought of how much our old shepherd mix would love a job as food-inspection dog. Not much would get by her, but better safe than sorry, you know?

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