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April 25, 2012


An Arizona man filed a complaint with police saying a flight attendant "rudely" woke him up by tapping his knee with a magazine.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Million Air??

He needs a slap upside the haid.

Million Air??

He needs a slap upside the haid.

Well, somebody's grumpy when he wakes up.

"Officer Ricky"? I wonder if his family members ever have some 'splainin' to do.

She should have let him sleep and have given all the nearby passengers permanent markers.
What they do with them stays in...where was this, now?

Is she any relation to Dr. Sheldon Cooper?

Arizona? He's lucky she didn't check his citizenship while she was at it.

Officer Ricky Seconds wrote in the police report that Johnson "had no physical signs of injury, no complaint of pain and no paralysis from the magazine."

That's a shame.

When did Alec Baldwin change his name to Kevin Johnson?

We flew out of Phoenix on Monday and the "security"
Nazi was extremely offensive to a young Asian guy doing nothing but standing in line waiting his turn.

She should've let him sleep through the next flight. Ass. These people never think about the payback a pissed off customer service person can dole out with a smile and a flimsy excuse.

I prolly shouldn't, but I'll tell a story. I always tell people before I put them on the treadmill that the purpose of the test is to stress their heart in a controlled environment. I had a patient once who wouldn't stop "flirting" and by flirting, I mean being totally disgusting. I had jokingly tried to stop this, but he wouldn't. Naturally, I'm not going to put him at more risk, but I did tell him that he didn't seem stressed enough and threatened to crank things up prematurely. We called that a "modified" protocol. :)

It's Arizona. You need a tank, a bomb robot, and 40 deputies. Oh, and what-his-name with the bad ponytail.

It wasn't exactly clear if this was the Kevin Johnson who plays for Cleveland or if this was a different Kevin Johnson. The linking coulda have been automatic,
as we know robots don;t think they just work or they don't. No middle ground.

In any case, Johnson is an idiot. If he has a real fear and anxiety about knee swats with a magazine, next time he should take greyhound. No chance of
sleeping magazines there.

She should have explained that it was either magazine tapping on the knee or hot coffee poured in the crotchal area.

What did he want her to do? Kiss him on the cheek and tell him how wonderful he is? Next time she should use a little baseball bat.

Air horn, cow bell, submarine chief yelling DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! with the alarm going a-WOO-ga! a-WOO-ga!

No need for hot coffee pouring, Scott - she could have just dipped his hand into a nice warm bowl of water... after the "fasten seat belts" sign was lit, of course.

nice one, ms. thwacker-weasle.

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