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April 27, 2012


Why ‘the sex life of the screwworm’ deserves taxpayer dollars

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I admit that I didn't read every word of the article, but that is not a picture of a screw worm. I know a squirrel when I see one.

“We create what every previous generation would have described as magic,” he concludes.

In WHAT universe?

Next: Congress claims Harry Potter was a secret weapon that UK stole. They however want more studies before the next budget hearings.

I always thought "Screw-worm" was a code name for
what a guinea pig does when you...

THIS is what happens when you mix a squirrel and screw-worms DNA....

and if that doesn't scare you, Nothing will!

I dunno FM, seems kinda beige to me.

"It helped researchers control the population of a deadly parasite that targets cattle--costing the government $250,000 but ultimately saving the cattle industry more than $20 billion, according to Cooper’s office."

Um, then shouldn't the cattle industry have paid for it?

OK.....back to humor.

Maybe that statement should have read "It helped researchers control the population of a deadly parasite that targets cattle--costing taxpayers $250,000, but ultimately saving US consumers more than $20 billion by reducing the cattle industry's costs...".

Yet one more example of "excellence in journalism" can be found here ... very reassuring that the media is so well-versed in reality ...

" ... has created the first annual ..." ...

Nope. Not possible. Even the AP Stylebook, which this "reporter" has apparently failed to read, will tell us this fact ... (Can NOT be "annual" when a year has not yet elapsed ... "First ever" -- OK ... "Second Annual" -- OK ... )

It has a big stick.

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