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April 27, 2012


Unlike some other toilet testing organizations, MaP testing protocols and processes are entirely transparent.

3 extruding paste

(Thanks to jon harris)


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So this is some kind of test lab? I thought it was a Taco Bell kitchen.

The Soybean Paste Extrusion WBAGNFAJazzFusionB

What a turdy job.

Gee, a perfect looking log.

And I thought that I had a 5h!tty job.

Must make ladies toilets.

Since the "logs" are made of soybean paste, what would they do with them after testing?

My suggestion: Be extremely diligent and aware if you eat at any Asian restaurant located near the testing

and now, more of our man on the street interviews: scuse me sir, what do you do?
"I make fake sh** for a toilet testing company."
thanks. sorry we asked.
but ya cant make it up.

Not nearly transparent enough...

I am so glad I ate breakfast before I looked at the article. I know it's fake but still!

Wow, I was doing well until the photo that showed the specimens actually IN the toilet.

Yum, Morningstar Sausages.

Gotta love the internet. I agree with padraig...not nearly transparent enough. Ewww.

Holy Sh!t, Batman.

The plastic, um hole, that he's dropping them through is a nice touch.

Yet one more example of why I prefer to NEVER partake of any "soy product" items on the menu ... any menu ...

Those extruded samples should actually be tapered at both ends to allow a smooth beginning and to keep your a-hole from slamming shut.

Looks about as rigorous as a Florida Driver's license test.

Would be great for frat pledge hazing. Works better than bananas in the pot.

That article is full of it.

Who's up for tofu?

Maybe add some corn for realism.

and make 'em a LOT larger.

just sayin...

Reminds me of Jack Palance in City Slickers. "I crap bigger than you."

Reminds me of the "Brown 25" commercial in Up In Smoke!

Actual quote from the MaP Testing Protocol: "Each test specimen shall be approximately 100 ± 13mm in length and 25 ± 6mm in diameter."

Soon to be federal law for all of us, I expect. And with those high-tech toilets coming out, they will know.

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