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April 26, 2012


An Idaho man has been charged with assault after authorities say he ordered another man to perform the "moonwalk" at gunpoint.

(Thanks to jon harris, Craig Roberts and Chuck Cody)


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Man, this case is a thriller.

I think we ought to let him tell HIStory.

Man, why do everybody wanna be startin' somethin'?

Did he lose all color in his face?

I'm surprised a 30 year old even knew what the moonwalk was. The only dance I know from the 80's is the Electric Slide and I'm still pretty awesome when I do it. Especially after a few adult beverages. Not that I'm tooting my own horn or anything.

Cindy, I actually don't know. I mean, I know who Michael Jackson was and I've seen clips, but I actually have no idea what dance he actually did. In my head, I always picture him sort of doing a Neil Armstrong impression, bouncing around there.

But maybe those 5 years between him and me make the difference.

Man, it is getting harder and harder to cast people for the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson tour.

Sounds like that dude has watched "Back To The Future III" a few too many times.

Hey, could have been worse. It might have been the Macarena...or Copacabana.

Gosh, that was one Smooth Criminal!

Ah, but in order for it to be legal you have to make sure the moonwalker has one glove on. Two gloves or no gloves, and it is illegal to force someone to moonwalk at gunpoint. Because of that oversight I suspect alcohol was involved.

Had it been me ordered to moonwalk, I would have been shot dead.

At least he wasn't forced to "Beat It."

Isn't that how most of us were taught to dance... at gunpoint ?

Yeah, I'd be dead.
And I still couldn't dance.
I have perfect rhythm so long as it's just me in the shower.

Nope...I'm pretty sure Jefferson settled for the "well-ordered militia". The "Moonwalk on Demand" clause didn't make it into the final draft, having been strenuously objected to by Button Gwinnet.

This is causing me to rethink my opposition to the death penalty.

Do ya wanna dance and hold my hand, or get shot, whichever?

Very lucky, Couldda been Blood on th Dancefloor

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