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April 29, 2012


Tourists trapped in Confederate monument's elevator

(Thanks to Sharon ["The Minx'] Lurie, who says, "All the people trapped were Yankees.  Coincidence?  I think not!")


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DEFinitely NOT a coincidence ... us them yankees can't be trusted, y'know ... (and I've got kinfolk in the Deep South that'd agree with that thot ... merely sayin' ...)

I'm willing to bet that elevator works on voice recognition software. "Ground floor." "Ah'm sorry, I did not understayand that commayand." "Ground floor." "Plaise ruhpait." "Fust laivel." "Yayass SAR!"

Unlike the Yankee's in the elevator, the south will rise again. Padraig, it's Yayass Suah! Yankee.

Confederate technology played a major role in the post-war economic boom of the Union. Most Northerners are unaware that Confederate scientists were behind the invention of the elevator, the MP3 player, and whipped cream.

Cindy, at least unlike you butter eating fatties, we Yankees are fit enough to climb. The Lincoln Memorial doesn't need no stinkin' elevator.

And by you, I mean confederates. Not any Bloglits personally.

What I want to know is why yankees were even at the monument in the first place? I'd head for Lynchburg and visit whiskey heaven instead of wasting my time at the losing side's leader's monument.

What a coinky-dink, a bunch of folks from the "Land of Lincoln" get stuck in the Jeff Davis' memorial. You know who else was from Illinois, that's right, Abe Lincoln.

Like, I might ever visit the Jefferson Davis memorial.

The Yankee in the photo is definitely wearing a blue shirt and has some sort of shooting device on a strap around his neck.

Props to Pad, despite the proffered corrections. Good example of why phonics doesn't work, except in the midwest, where I also learned to speak American English. No, I don't sound like the Bear fans on SNL.

Hey, I'm a bear fan! Oh, wait -- not that kind of bear. The kind who scare people in LA suburbs and fall out of trees in Boulder. Never mind.

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