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April 29, 2012


No takers for dead cow on Kingston beach

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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One word: Dynamite!

Washington, not Oregon. Maybe that's why no one came.

Typical Gummint response ... if the exact example is not in their job description, includin' (in this case) coloration, species, and approximate age, they won't do anythin' about it, without "orders from their supervisors" ...

Maybe it was one of those allegedly "happy cows" from
California--when the "happy" wore off, it just walked into the ocean and drowned. Stay off drugs, cows!

Slice it open and the gulls, ravens, and vultures will take care of it. Just tell the TSA it is suspected to contain drugs; they're responsible for inspecting your carrion.

Dead cow on Kingston Beach ... isn't that a poem by Matthew Arnold? The one that ends "Where ignorant bovines stiffen by night?"

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