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April 30, 2012


Dutch prince takes part in toilet-bowl-tossing contest


(Thanks to funny man)


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Your average Nethertard.

scored a royal flush

Sport of kings.

Do they call this the Dutch Bowl?

Wonderin' if a high-flo model would get more distance ... after flushin' of course ...

Farthest throw = Dutch Master. Dutch Dutch Master = blunt.

Who was that celebrity in the lower front of the third photo, the tug of war shot? Ronald MucDonald?
Or Prince Charles? Oh, my bad, maybe it was the QUEEN

That was daring of the Queen, wearing that hat. Someone might have thrown it by mistake.

No, funny man, that was (wait for it ...) the clown prince.

Looks like the Dutch royals are enjoying a little of the national herbal product.

Bet it's a lo-flow

That toilet could probably use some Old Dutch Cleanser.

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