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April 30, 2012


A woman charged with DUI after her car slammed through a Connecticut liquor store  is blaming it all on Nyquil and Armor All.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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The driver and a passenger were taken to Yale for treatment. They yust got out.

She should take the Pledge.

You can get high on Armor All? Who knew.

nyquil i get. armor all??? huh?

Yeah, q'bee ... I figgered she must've mixed the two ... but I wuz worng ... it's the old "My foot slipped off the brake pedal" defense ...

(Haven't got any of that cold medicine around to check the label, but doesn't it have alcohol in it? Merely curious. And I am SURE the label sez to not operate equipment of any size after taking it ... )

She should have cut the Armor All with some lighter fluid. It keeps the skin from crawling and gives the mix a slightly tangy flavor.

Well, that's what I've been told.

I worked at my Church's winter night shelter several years ago and I was shocked at how many homeless people had colds and needed their Nyquil. Another group was very conscious about their oral hygiene and needed their mouthwash. We didn't allow either in the shelter so we'd put them in a bag and give it back to them in the morning. I never had a person that felt the need to use Armor All every couple of hours though.

We were just waiting over there for the customers to come in

...more evidence supporting "be careful for you wish for"

So what should we call a drink made with Nyquil and Armor All? My suggestion is a "Kevlar", because it makes you think you're bulletproof.

Add some codeine cough syrup to that mix and call it a "Fallout Shelter" -- you get nuclear blasted, but there's a chance you'll survive.

P.S. ...and if she thinks the brake pad is the thing you put your foot on, don't ever let her work on my car.

Betsy, when I was getting some work done on my car a few months ago a young girl asked the mechanic if he could just replace one brake pad because she was running low on money.

My guess is she accidentally hit the "last place" on her GPS and the car took her there.

nursecindy--really? You put homeless people in a bag?
Hope you cut some airholes for them. And exactly how did you give it back to them in the morning?

He says Brooks is a regular customer at the store.

Make that 'was a regular customer. Because after the lawsuits, I 'm sure she will not be welcomed with open arms or cars.

The Slippery Detail - Nyquil and Armor All. The cocktail that puts you to sleep with a shiny hiney.

You actually CAN get a DUI charge for Nyquil. It contains alcohol and the sedative Doxylamine succinate. If you crash while taking it, even if your BAC is below the legal limit, you can be charged.

Somehow, "Police believe Nyquil and Armor All were involved ..." doesn't have quite the usual ring.

Tnx, Elon ... I wuz kinda fairly sure there wuz booze in Nyquil ... but din't wanna go to the drugstore to look @ a label ...

Um ... duh ... could've looked one up here on the 'net ... that tells me I've had enuf Armor All today ...

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