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April 30, 2012


There is no place on earth more wondrous than the Southern Pines Creation Museum, Fudge Shop, Taxidermy Hall of Fame, Christian Bookstore and Farm Implement Museum.


It's a small world after all...


The sign over this uncharacteristically uncluttered display says "IN THIS CASE WE HAVE DISPLAYED ALL THE CREDIBLE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION."


Note the pitchforks overhead. (Get it? Over HEAD?)


These are a few of my favorite things...


In case that's not temptation enough, at the next doorway there's a huge coffin-shaped box with this sign above it. (No, we didn't open it. Duh. How could we be posting if we had?)


Of course, no Creation Museum would be complete without The World's Largest Beanie Baby.


(Many thanks to my friend Greg S., whose last name must remain unblogged because... it's a small town. And they have the box.)


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Why, how creative.

That third shot. Ummm. The dog in the first shot had an accident on the rug?

I want the Beanie Baby. Southern Pines isn't that far from me. Road trip!

What ever happened to " South of the Border " ?

Go for it Cindy.
To my everlasting regret it will be a staycation for me,this year.

And I was feeling bad that my son has to relocate to North Carolina to find a job! Wait til I give him my list of "must-see's" for my first visit.

Please note: Southern Pines appears NOT to be located in the famed "Research Triangle."

"Bermuda Triangle", maybe.

Their website is as great and trippy as the museum itself. As a scientist, I am entirely in awe of their...

I cannot think of a finish to that sentence.

what planet are they from?

That cabinet full of the world's evils looks like Carl Spackler's home in Caddyshack

Desert southwest animals and no representation of a Jacakalope? I don't think I could trust anything else on display in this museum!

Clankie, South Of The Border is in South Carolina. Betsy, tell your son that there are a lot of things to do in that area. Pinehurst is close by and has some of the best golf courses in the country.

Was Ronald Reagan the father of evolution in the Desert Southwest?

That place is right out of a Stephen King novel.


South of the Border is right on the North-South Carolina border. You can't miss it (as much as you might want to try).

Yup, no way can you miss it. But once you get there, keep driving.

ubetcha: the pictures cannot even begin to give you the sense of being trapped in a tunnel-like maze of bewildering fanatacism... the ceilings are low, and the barbed wire, pitchforks, hammers, slave collar, wall o'can openers, etc. create a surreal and subtly terrifying ambience. you walk to what you expect will be the next "room" and there's a wall of hammers and stuffed baby deer, or cobras, or both... you have to turn around and go back... where is the exit? oh no, another wall... steps, wait... where is the DOOR? you have to go up some more... it's like IKEA only scarier.

it's like IKEA only scarier

I believe it...snork@judi!

But a snake candle is all the credible evidence?
Maybe, if you never crack a book...

Hmmm ... another data point that runs contrary to my generally humane views on criminal justice.

*snork* at "like IKEA only scarier"

Excellent image, Judi. At times in IKEA I've felt like there was no exit.

If Ikea was the basis for evolution we'd never get beyond jellyfish. Put 19mmxM5 screw in cross brace tenon, turn CCW 1/5 turn.

BTW, I like Ikea. Meatballs and cool stuff.

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