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April 27, 2012


1:44 p.m. Reportedly, an injured duck was being picked on by other ducks at Woodland Park.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Yes, Dave you are right. I wouldn't go to Flathead County without driving an Abrams tank and with a Brigade of troops!

Worse than Somalia!

Bullying in the Anatidae family!

duck and cover!
(and sign on for the geezer bus)

Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!!

"There once was an ugly duckling..."

This must be where Norman Rockwell retired.

Why Hollywood isn't making movies out of the many exciting reports coming from Flathead is beyond me.

Ya gotta get all your ducks in a row, see, and if they
attack, send in the National Guard.

Next: The senator from Flathead proposes a five year study of duck-bullying.

I wonder what would've happened if Napoleon, Genghis Kahn, or Alexandar the Great had rolled into Flathead Co. ? PBS special ?

I wonder what the ducks know about the egging incident? Maybe they need to be restrained with duck tape.

"12:00 p.m. Reportedly, a 15-year-old was kicked out of his Grandma’s house for the eighth time after threatening and frightening her."

Note to Grandma: Get new locks.


Another report (on the same page) ... neighbor shooting @ exploding targets ... yeah, that's kinda fun ... but ... best not fergit how the neighbors might be a bit worried ...

Solution: Invite the neighbors over to share in the fun ...

Duck on duck violence: America's secret shame.

They suspected fowl play.

They were drinking Cold Duck (if that's not a geezer reference, I don't know what is.)

I'll bet they wouldn't let him play any ducky games either.
Coconuts I agree about grandma. She also needs to grow a pair and kick the 15 year old boy's tail while she's kicking him out of her house.

Hmmm... I kinda read it as the 15-year-old who filed the report about mean ol' Grandma kicking him out for the umpteenth time. That seemed more Flathead-ish to me.

M. Madden:

12:37 p.m. A woman on Shady Lane reported that her ex-boyfriend attacked her with a shampoo bottle and hit her with his shoes.

reminded me of the end of this scene from this Hollywood Movie. (the very end, a long clip but I couldn't find a shorter one).

After reading these comments about the duck I think we could all be a little more sensitive. I heard he's really down.

If a duck goes to therapy, who pays the bill?

Cindy maybe a song would cheer him up?

Elron - Linkee no workee.


Good one Elon. Then he and his sweetie could go out and "get down" to this one.

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