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April 29, 2012


Fox steals 38 boules balls

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Is Petanque anywhere near Montpelier?

Shame on you, Michael J.

Does this mean that France is on high alert and the rest of them have surrendered?

Oh, boules.

Stealin' stuff in the dead of night?

That fox has a lotta balls ...

That video was hilarious. I liked the way the fox ran back and forth to check if the coast was clear several times before proceeding.

Uh, Patrick, maybe try putting your balls away at night? what?

There's a golf course in Annapolis, MD where a fox steals your golf ball if you drop your drive in a certain area. Must think they are eggs or he is selling the them to the pro-shop for small rodents.

What do small rodents want with golf balls?

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