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April 23, 2012


After a few more at the club, Cavanagh got back on his mower, rode around the car park and attempted to ride the mower into the club before being told to leave by security about midnight on March 31.

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Doesn't everyone go "clubbing" after having a bunch too many ?

Man! is his grass gonna get overgrown...

Hmmmm ... with a BAC of 0.188 bein' almost "four times the legal limit" ... I'm gonna guess that the law in Aussieland is 0.50 ... perty low, compared to the USofA, really (NTTAWWT) ... IF they get caught ...

And fallin' asleep @ the mower is not a good way to escape ...

He thought if he mowed the parking lot, they would pay him with free drinks?

He also produced his FDL and really upset the magistrate, who told him he was way off of I95.

O --

At least I think it is. My slide rule seems to have wandered off.

Good for you NMUA. Its good to see someone using ancient technology from a more civilized time.

I use an app on my phone...

NMUA ... Y'all are CORRECTAMUNDO!!!!!!!!!!

I gnu it ... I really did ... but it came out backwards ... I GNU that most places in the USofA are "0.08" ... so I wuz thinkin' "0.05" ... and it came out worng ...

I did it in my head, instead of the old, reliable, method employed by constipated mathematicians ... they werk it out with a pencil ...

Man, I'd pay good money to be banned from all sorts of lawn mowing for six months.
"Steve! Mow the @&#% lawn!"
"Can't. Heh, heh."

He was told to leave by security about midnight on March 31st. Strange, they're not usually that specific about time and date with me; they typically just say "Get out now!"

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