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April 27, 2012


Man charged with criminal mischief after headbutting a patrol car

(Thanks to funny man)


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Head butt by butthead. Let's be careful our there.

I bet that'll leave a mark ... oh, wait ... it already did ...

Do y'all s'pose he managed to knock sum sense into his ownself?

"While in handcuffs standing next to a patrol car, he then allegedly headbutted the side of the car hard enough to knock himself unconscious."

Car 1, Loser 0.

Beavis and Butthead live in Iowa? Who gnu?

That'll teach those cops to pick on him.

He dented the patrol car? With his head? Oy.

Bet his mama is real proud of him....

*rolls eyes*

It doesn't say if this was involved, but I'm betting they could have picked up his buddies Jim Beam and Jack Daniels as accomplices.

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